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B-Hive Event Benefits the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County

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In Photo: Michael Favetta, Daniel Burgos, Scott Weintraub, Steve Banasiak, Ben Martin, Eric Gibson, John Stefan, Alexa Durso, Jason Yarborough

St. Lucie -On September 17th, the B-Hive, a local business vendor network, hosted their 1st Semi-Annual Indoor Cornhole Tournament at Baron Real Estate to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of St. Lucie County.

This year The Boys & Girls Club of St. Lucie County has served 4,600 Club members at 24 of their locations.

With over 100 attendees, Steve Emrick of Treasure Coast Cornhole provided the tournament setup and organization.

Members of the B-Hive network surrounded the outskirts of the room with marketing tables all while cheering on the participants. Raffle prizes that were donated by the B-Hive vendors were raffled off throughout the day, as well as a 50/50 drawing.

The B-Hive is a vendor network that works to emulate the efficiency of a real-life bee community. Within our own local community there are multiple vendor’s that work to help better and strengthen the counties we all live and reside in.

Keeping this network of working professionals in close proximity to those who need them is the main objective of The B-Hive. Vendors are hand selected and interviewed to assure quality of work, licensing, and insurance.

The next tournament is slated for March 18th,2023 (St. Patricks Theme) and will benefit Baron Academy, a private learning academy specializing in custom learning for children with unique and special needs.

For more information on how to join the B-Hive Network or to participate in the next cornhole event please contact B-Hive Network Coordinator Eric Gibson at 772.834.1630 or info.bhivenetwork@gmail.com

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In Photo: Boys & Girls Clubs of SLC- Michelle Oakley, Alex Hall with Marissa Kappus and Linda Soto

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In Photo: Erik Rose, Steve Emrich, Elizabeth Plaza and Steve Torres

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In Photo: John Riordan and Mike Fevetta

Photo 10a

In Photo: Doris & Calvin Johson, VCITA Home Inspections

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In Photo: Estevan and Anthony Sierra

Marine Bank, Charity Softball Game to Benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County

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In Photo: Will Talley, Bill Penney, Gaby Simpson and Charles Cuomo

Article & Photos by MaryAnn Ketcham

In the nonprofit world, the fundraising game can be challenging and requires endurance. Sometimes, a pinch-hitter will step up to the plate, rejuvenate the offense, and provide some relief for the rest of the team.

Recently, Marine Bank went to bat to help raise funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County. Two teams consisting of community notables, Nik Schroth, Jeremiah Baron, Tod Mowery, Ron Dichter, and a host of others, including former professional baseball player Rusty Meacham, competed in a charity softball game at Clover Park in Port St. Lucie.

William Talley, Senior Vice President Commercial Banking Manager, credits the players, the 30-plus sponsors, and the partnership with the St. Lucie Mets organization for the tournament's success, which raised nearly $8,000 in support of the nonprofit.

Nine innings of play in the sweltering Florida heat seems like kids' play when one considers the grit and determination of the staff and volunteers at the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie. With a can-do attitude and working tirelessly, doing whatever it takes because every kid has what it takes, organizational stakeholders are committed to assuring the success of their members.

Inside the iconic BLUE door of the Boys & Girls Club's 23 clubs throughout St. Lucie County, young people learn good character, citizenship, and healthy habits and strive to graduate high school with a plan for their future.

As the 4th Annual Charity Softball game goes down in the books and the competitors hang up their mitts, cleats, and helmets, the Boys & Girls Clubs leadership team continues to step up to the plate and go to bat for the kids! For more information, please visit BGCofSLC.org

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In Photo: Both teams of participants

Photo 3 a

In Photo: Charles Cuomo of the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie is presented with a check from Marine Bank President & CEO Bill Penney.

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In Photo: Gaby Simpson, Kasey Blair and Andreina Ajami

Photo 5 a

In Photo: Tod Mowery and Jeremiah Baron

Photo 11a

In Photo: Nik Schroth and Daniel Linderman

Photo 12a

In Photo: Eddie and Chase Wilson, Joe Branca, Daniel Linderman, Maria Bordonaro and Anthony Giardina

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In Photo: Lynette Marraffa, Kim Nobles, Maria Bordonaro and Kathy Kinae

Got Game? Bring it to Martin County's Senior Games Registration is now open for the 32nd Annual Senior Games

21 Sept MC Logo

Stuart – Registration is now open for the annual Martin County Senior Games, hosted by the Martin County Parks and Recreation department. The games will take place October 21 – 30, 2022 and participants ages 50 and older are encouraged to register online at www.martin.fl.us/SeniorGames before events fill up!

Participants can compete in a variety of different sporting events in five-year age brackets. Events include pickleball, tennis, swimming, basketball shooting, bowling, cycling, track & field, golf and more! Registration fees are listed below.
• Pickleball - $40, additional events $10 each (singles, doubles & mixed doubles)
• Tennis - $20 per event (singles, doubles & mixed doubles)
• Bowling - $25
• All Other Sports - $20 (includes multiple events for swimming, track & field and cycling)

The Martin County Senior Games will take place at various locations throughout Martin County but are open to participants from all over Florida. Senior athletes who finish in the top five for their age group are eligible to compete in the Florida Senior Games in December. For questions or more information, call 772-221-1419. Register for events at https://www.martin.fl.us/SeniorGames.

“The games promote physical and social wellness and encourage everyone to get active and stay fit for life, reflecting the Martin County Parks and Recreation Department’s goal to provide quality recreational opportunities for all ages,” said Kevin Abbate, Parks and Recreation Department Director.

The Senior Games are made possible thanks to the continuous support from our sponsors. Thank you to Humana, Diamond Sponsor, and Play Treasure Coast Sports Tourism, Platinum Sponsor. Stop by their information tables at the events to learn more about their services in our communities.

Martha Ann Kneiss | Office of Communications
Office: 772-463-2810 | Mobile: 772-214-2790 | mkneiss@martin.fl.us

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Stuart Surf Tide Chart Tables

22 Sept 25 Stuart Tides 1
22 Sept 25 Stuart Tides 2

PGA Village Community and The Legacy Golf and Tennis Club Support Grace Packs Inc. With Upcoming Peanut Butter Drive

DSC_1045-25 a

In Photo: Grace Packs team

Article by: Linda Chastain / Photo by: Mary Ketcham
St. Lucie County -Beginning August 15th until September 15th, PGA Village residents may drop off peanut butter in support of Grace Packs Inc.’s efforts to fight childhood hunger in St. Lucie County. Thanks to Aldo Burga, Head Tennis Professional at the Legacy Golf and Tennis Club, a bin will be placed outside the tennis office for donations. The Legacy Club address is 9000 Clubhouse Drive. Upon entering the Club’s driveway the Tennis Club is on the right.

Grace Packs Inc., a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit, provides weekly weekend meals for students whose families struggle with hunger. Feeding America statistics reveal that this past year, an estimated 20.4% of children in St. Lucie County have struggled with food insecurity. Grace Packs Inc. was created in 2011 when Oak Hammock K-8 cafeteria manager, Lisa Ferrick and teacher Laura Klosterman, noticed children were hoarding and stealing food from the school cafeteria. Other signs of hunger were children visiting the nurse's office on Mondays complaining of headaches or stomach aches.

Volunteers sort, pack and deliver hundreds of meals weekly from a centralized pantry space donated by Sunlight Community Church. Thanks to the efforts of these volunteers, children carry home breakfast, lunch and dinner items on the weekends. At the end of the past school year, approximately five hundred forty-one students were receiving food assistance. Recently a teacher helping students with the food program in her school noted, “Grace Packs gives them confidence and makes them feel loved.”

Why peanut butter? Peanut butter is the perfect protein, has a long shelf life and is loved by kids and parents alike! The Peanut Butter Brigade was founded in 2020 to assist Grace Packs in adding peanut butter to their regular weekly menu. Prior to the Brigade’s creation, peanut butter was only offered once or twice a year. Thanks to a generous St. Lucie County community more than 4000 jars were donated during the last school year. Since children take their meals home in bags and backpacks, 12-17 oz jars are best though all sizes are welcome. Anyone interested in joining the mission of feeding hungry local students through giving financially, hosting a food drive or volunteering, can visit www.gracepacks.org to learn more. For those not residing in PGA Village and who would like to donate, please contact Grace Packs Inc. Director Laura Klosterman
at director@gracepacks.org.

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St. Lucie Skeeter Skoot

December 10, 2022
Bear Point Sanctuary, Fort Pierce, FL

5th Annual Skoot through hard-compact mangrove-lined trails on pristine wetlands along the picturesque Indian River Lagoon on South Hutchinson Island, the City of Fort Pierce in St. Lucie County. This scenic run provides breathtaking views of the Indian River Lagoon on trails that are teeming with native wildlife. This inaugural race will introduce you to the hidden gem of untouched nature located in the heart of the Treasure Coast. The Skeeter Skoot is celebrating 5 years! This year will also feature an inaugural Ruck to benefit Right Side Fishing. Right Side Fishing is a local Veterans 501(c)(3) Organization that, through fishing/boating adventures, will create new memories and friendships that will aid in the Wellness and Recovery of our Veteran community.

Unlock Lower Scores Are you Setting the Right Tone?

22 Aug GOlf Photo

Walking along the fairway to your second with a clear sight of your ball is an extremely satisfying experience.

Do you often have to you search for your tee shot in the thick stuff during a round? Let’s change that.

Percentage tee shot
Put yourself in the fairway, even if it means a longer second.

Perfect tee shot
Hit the fairway with every yard of distance you’re capable of.
“Whether you’re playing from spot 1 or 2, the game is a lot more enjoyable from there.”

Joy-destroyer tee shot
If you’re struggling with a regular miss, the rest of the hole becomes a struggle. The good news is, we can help you fix this.

If you haven’t broken 85 by now
Getting further down more fairways could be your breakthrough.

Click photo above for the Latest Treasure Coast Edition of Coastal Angler

22 June Community Yoga Stuart

Let's Break it Down to Break 90

20 Sept First Tee Logo

Article by: Judy Alvarez Golf Academy
In many ways, the par on a hole is misleading and not especially relevant. Each hole holds a particular set of challenges you need to navigate. If you’re shooting in the 90s it helps to break that challenge down into three parts.

Golf Planning

If you’re shooting in the 90s, whenever you stand-up on the tee box, don’t think about the ‘par’. Look at what’s in front of you. Think back from the center of the green (from where you’re planning two-putts) and plot a journey of makeable shots.

Take Control Tiny Tweaks for Massive Gains

22 June Tiny Tweeks

In golf, there’s a lot we can’t control. Aspects like weather, pin location, hole elevation and turf conditions are what they are. But there is something we can control: how your equipment fits your swing, build and preferences. A few small changes can transform your enjoyment and performance.

Did you know?

If the face alignment on your putter is out by just 1°, you’ll likely miss a 10-foot putt, even with accurate aim.

A 0.05 increase in smash factor for a golfer with an average swing speed of 85mph, can add up to 10 yards to their drives.

A fitting is one of the best ways for us to identify the areas of your game that could benefit from slight adjustments. When last were you fitted?

Everyone gains
Skill level is not a determiner of who should get fitted. Every golfer benefits from a fitting, from complete beginner to life-long veteran. Why not experience the difference for yourself?

Martin County Toptracer Range

Who Is Liable In A Boating Accident?

Avoiding Your Long Irons?

20 Sept First Tee Logo

Approach play becomes so much easier and more enjoyable when you’re confident with your longer irons. If your long irons are a constant struggle, let’s change that. Is there a swing change we could make? Or perhaps your lie angle is incorrect? Maybe hybrids would be better suited to your game?

Let’s figure out the best way to improve your approach play.

Maybe it’s not your fault

Sliced your drive? Hooked your iron shot? Missed the green from inside 100 yards? Sometimes the reason for these mishits isn’t your swing.

21 Sept GOlf 1

A driver shaft with the incorrect flex for you makes it difficult to square the club face at impact. That means more slices off the tee

21 Sept Golf 2

A lie angle that’s too upright for you can cause the club face to close at impact, resulting in hooked shots.

21 Sept Golf 4

There are many types of wedge shots that can be played within 100 yards. Playing with the right bounce and grind makes it easier to strike the ball cleanly.

Make the game easier
Golf’s tough enough as it is, why make it more difficult by playing with equipment that isn’t fitted for you? Let’s start by making sure you’ve got the basics, like lie angle and shaft flex, in place.
Get fitted

Zweben Final
20 Sept First Tee Logo

Sit Less, Swing Better Restore the Rhythm

Article by: Judy Alverez - First Tee

Is your swing feeling stiff? Are you sitting for several hours a day? Your shoulders could be part of the problem. The anatomical term for your shoulder blades is “scapulae”. Your upper arm bone – the humerus – connects to your scapula. They work together to help you make a full shoulder rotation and swing on plane. This interaction is called “scapulohumeral rhythm”.

20 Sept First Tee Photo

Sitting too much messes with this rhythm because it pulls your shoulders forward, disrupting the scapula muscles, causing them to tilt and become unstable. When this happens, your golf swing will be restricted and you may experience pain at your shoulder blades.

20 Sept First Tee Logo